Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Sky

I spent last week relaxing and enjoying some down time in Big Sky Montana. The weather was much colder than I expected and as usual I didn't pack appropriately. After the first day I found myself shopping for a jacket and some warmer clothes. A suitcase full of t-shirts and shorts was useless when on most days the high was in the upper 50's mid day and low 40's in the morning.

On a few mornings I woke up in the fog line and was able to take some nice pictures off the back deck of the town home I was staying at. The fog was changing the landscape by the second and an experienced photographer would have captured some amazing shots. I did manage to get a few decent pictures but none captured the experience.

I spent most days working out at the lodge and cycling. Each day I would ride down the mountain to Highway 191, Gallatin Road, and then cycle back up to the Moonlight Basic Lodge which round trip was a total of 26 miles. My best time climbing from the Highway back to the Lodge was 55 minutes and 40 seconds. Unfortunately I failed to capture and save my GPS data for this climb and don't have the specifics on elevation change, average grades, steepest grade etc. The climb was not terribly difficult but a good workout none the less. I also noticed most the motorists were cycle friendly, not one annoying honk or obscenity was sent my way which was a refreshing change from the normal stuff I get while on the roads in Utah.